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    Question [2.0][PUSH] How will push services affect the amount of transferred data???

    since i am using a data plan with 200mb included per month, i am wondering now how my data consumption will be affected through mobileme push (mail, contacts, calendar).

    i am not sure how this works exactly....
    every time i change a contact or anything that will be pushed, my iPhone will send the changed information to the Server through my data connection, right?

    but how does it work with the server contacting the iPhone?

    since you are "on-the-go" it is very likely that your ip address will change constantly due to loss of signal or data connection or whatever, and the server will not get in contact to you if necessary.
    so i assume that my phone will contact the server in certain (short) intervals and ask for any changed data, that will then be pushed to the phone if available.

    if this is right, my data consumption will increase drastically, because my provider charges in 10kb units. so i got 20480 units 10kb included in my 200mb data plan.

    the worst case would be to not have a single wlan network around during one month. i got 20480 units with 10kb this will be 683 units per day and therefore 28 units per hour.

    so if the iPhone and the push server will connect and just say hello to each other a little less than 30 times an hour, my complete data package will be gone and there was not even any relevant information tranported to or from the device.

    maybe i am totally wrong about all this! so i would highly appreciate any further information about the data consumption through push technology!

    thank you

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