Im using an o2 payandgo sim, legit and activated with 2.0, obviously no jail break. I know many people are hanging for 2.0 so I thought I would share my thoughts on what its like from the perspective of a Hackint0sh iPhone user.

First off the App Store, or more importantly, the app store vs Installer (or Cydia) Well, since I'm still waiting for the jailbreak I'm stuck with the choice of only having one or the other. What would I choose....... Installer hands down is by far the clear winner. I really miss the installer apps. Better variety, more power (read root access) and CHEAPER!!! Yes some apps are payware in installer, but most are not. I've ended up spending 30 pounds on apps in a day and a half. I was expecting more free apps
Are there any killer apps yet?...... not really. Monkey Ball is actually kinda lame. It also seems like a lot of the developers had the exact same ideas. There seem to be a hundred photo-upload/obscure-social-network apps..... bleh!

Performance wise, it seems the same, I havent really had a chance to see if my battery lasts any longer, but I have noticed my wifi signal is weaker, this may just be my phone. Also after installing 2.0 my mail crashed on opening. I had to restore again, and then setup an email account, and then only restore settings to get it to work. This seems like a problem with 2.0, I personally think 2.0 was a little rushed.

To be honest, I'm kinda missing 1.1.4, and I still cant wait for Pwnage so I can have the best of both. I think this whole community can be proud that we have made the iphone into something better than apple could. Dont ditch all the amazing hacks just because we can install apps legit now!