So jailbreaking is GREAT, it allows you to run unapproved apps, unlock your phone, and do ANYTHING you want to it. On the other hand, there have been tons of apps that are "broke" and have to be fixed by an update or a patch. That's a pain, find the app, it doesn't work, find the patch, it still doesn't work. Maybe another patch? How much crap do you have to go through to get something working?

I understand most apps aren't like this, but you do run into them and it sucks when you do.

Another point, anyone with a Mac can make an iPhone application. Maybe they are malicious and send all your contacts to a server for spamming? Who the hell knows what they could do with FULL access to your phone.

With the App Store, everything MUST be approved BY APPLE. No spam. No spyware. No Full access to your phone. Apple has put safeguards in place to prevent all of this. Yes, some apps need more workaround or are harder to develop without full access..... Yes, some apps will never make it to the app store because of politics or Apples limitations of development.

For the most part, I am perfectly O.K. with Apple approving everything, I know it will be safe and run great on my phone. I also know that I will be notified of updates, I won't have to search for patches or fixes when the app doesn't work.

What I'm getting at is that I've updated 3 iPhones and left Cydia out, with no plans on putting Installer on them when it comes out either. The things the average Joe wants can be found in the App Store.

Please no flaming or arguing, just putting my opinion out there for people to respond *constructively* to.