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Discuss [2.0 Beta Leak] Know the facts... (and DO NOT UPGRADE) at the General -; 1. No links to the leaked firmware will be tolerated , no exceptions. Link = ...
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    Default [2.0 Beta Leak] Know the facts... (and DO NOT UPGRADE)

    1. No links to the leaked firmware will be tolerated, no exceptions. Link = ban. If you've been anywhere near the 2.0/1.2 leak threads, you already know this, but it's worth repeating.

    2. Possession of the leaked firmware without Apple's permission is illegal, you can justifiably be the target of a lawsuit, and believe me, they'll know where to find you.

    3. Apple has purposely built obstacles into the beta builds to ensure it can't easily be run on a non-development device. This includes no/limited support for iTunes DRM and a possibly disabled baseband (different reports from different sources).

    4. Bugs, bugs, bugs, need I say more?

    Long story short, you should not be upgrading to the beta unless you have a very specific reason (example: you are a developer and you have a spare development phone).

    Just because it is leaked doesn't mean it's ready for the masses yet, so save us all a headache and stay far, far away until June.

    ...and here's some quotes from ChronicProductions, who actually has the beta firmware:
    Quote Originally Posted by ChronicProductions View Post
    Actually, as long as you set the Cell Signal option to Yes in your provisioning profile you will be OK, calls will work fine.

    And guys, it's called beta for a reason, it's not going to be as good or as pretty as the firmware you have on your phones right now. It is quite buggy.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChronicProductions View Post
    also, i dont know if i mentioned it yet, but when apple comes out with a new build, your phone goes in to 'expired' mode until you update, which you cant do without a new leak
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