<BR>This is how i will tell you for the good people<BR>Install MobileTerminal<BR>Install BSD Subsystem 2.0 Termfix (v1.10) installed from Tweaks,<BR>And the SUID Lib Fix (v1.0) installed from Tweaks (1.1.3)<BR><BR>Go into Terminal<BR>type:login (enter)<BR>login :root<BR>password:alpine<BR>#bin/chmod -R 755 /Applications/Customize.app (enter)<BR>#bin/chmod s /Applications/Customize.app/Customize (enter)<BR>#/Applications/Customize.app/Customize<BR><BR>Code will scroll for like 30 seconds <BR>it will open customize <BR>restat iphone<BR>enjoy

i did a search and found the info above however it still oes not work.
i installed both apps as listed but i'm unable to login using terminal, i type in root for login and alpine for password but says incorrect.

i also used winscp to go to the customize folder and verified its set to 0755 permissions.

when i launch customize, the only features tht work, or what i use mianly is the slide bars and the sounds. i can set my sms sounds, mail sounds, all work fine but when i try to change sms chat bubbles, slider bars for main, call and others, does not work.

it seems anything thats a graphic icon of the likes will not take effect.

i realize 114 has a different path i guess.

any ideas what i can do to try to make customize work under 114 so i can change the power slider bars and such?

its odd i can change the UI sounds but not the slider bars.

running customize 1.21 on 114, modded via ziphone 3.0.
installed bsd 2.0 with fix, then suid fix, and terminal but i was unable to logon