I've been trying to install the new customize 2.0
here is the installer source:

customize 2.0 requires:
bsd subsystem
SUID Lib Fix
and then install Customize 2.0 from installer

the problem i'm having is apps dissapear in installer.
for example, if i go to 113 tweaks, i only see gunlock? yet there should be more apps in that category?

when i use an iphone fresh, with ziphone 3.0, i see everything in installer.
but then i try to install an app say from 113 tweaks and it says package download error, so i reboot the fone but when i go back into 113 tweaks, theres only one app now to pick when before there were more
and now 114 tweaks category has vanished?

why do categories and app vanish for no reason??

i tried reinstalling community sources, then installer. refresh but i still have categories missing? what makes then vanish and how to get them back

because now customize wont run because it needs SUID lib fix, but alas i cant find it in my categories.

i've asked around and this seems to be a common thing. lots of ppl, friends express how they can't install it from installer because its not there but the category is.

any thoughts folks?

i often get the package download error and all i can think is the server hosting the app is down. and from what i gather if it fails, its like it gets stuck in iphone limbo. i cant uninstall it cuz it wont appear there, then the category either vanishes or the app does in it.