Hey there,

I'm currently running 1.1.4 and 04.04.05_G and in the last couple of days have been having "No Service" issues. The phone was jailbroken using ziphone a while back and had no problems - then two days ago i used cyberduck (following this guide here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TUByq9HTbs ) to SSH into my iphone in order to install some NES ROMs. Pretty much within the hour the bars disappeared and I got the "No Service" message, and it's been like that for 2 days.

Since then, I've tried a couple things to get it back to working, as mentioned on other forums and whatnot. I have, in this order:

-a normal restore via itunes
-tried to re-jailbreak the phone using ziphone 3.0
-another normal restore
-a DFU restore
-tried again to jailbreak, this time using iLiberty+
-I've also gone to settings>general>reset>Reset all settings AND reset Network Settings and reset both

None of those things have been able to get my service working again. I now realize that when doing the initial ziphone hack, i probably hit the "Unlock, Jailbreak, and Activate!" button, instead of going into advanced options and just selecting "Jailbreak," which was really the only thing I needed to do since I've got an AT&T contract. I suspect this wasn't the problem though, because i was getting "No Service" even before I tried to re-jailbreak it.

So, thanks for following along, and let me know what I should do next!