2/28/08... after 5pm... Anyone else having problem connecting to Yahoo email?

I not sure if it is a 1.1.4 glitch but when i tried to check email at 5pm, it staying at connecting forever... so i hit the standby on the phone and drive home. An hour later i grab my phone and notice the top portion is very warm.... I take the phone out of standby and decide to check mail and i see it is STILL trying to make connection. It looks like it was trying to make the connection all that time and half my battery has drained and the phone is warm.

I held down the home button to stop it and then went back to check email and it would just be stuck at connecting. put on standby, off standby and check email... it's still trying to connect. I hard reset and try... same thing. I remove my yahoo account and try to recreate and it hangs trying to authenticate the username/password and will time out in that case.

so I am thinking yahoo mail is down. but the fact it will not time out when trying to connect normally and drain my battery within a matter of hours makes it sound like a possible glitch.

Anyone notice the same issue? I didn't notice that with 1.1.3.