I hate a messy springboard and with 1.1.3 there has been no way to remove apps from the springboard... so i have come up with a way to do it..
after BigBoss' 'Poof' didnt quite work, i had a look to see what was going wrong and come up with the soution...
(i have spoke to BigBoss and fingers crossed he will implement the fix into his app...)

You can make you catorgories up using 'Catorgories' as you alredy know no doubt so do this..

Now all the apps you have in your Catorgories that you dont want on your springboard anymore (for obviously reasons), you need to do the following..

SSH into your phone then go to
/Applications/*theappyouwanttohide.app/ and find the 'info.plist'

Edit info.plist and add the following (put it before the </Dict> Line)


NOTE>>> Remove the *'s in the array bit... they are only there because it wont show up without them lol..

Save the file then Respring and it should be off of the springboard but still in the catorgories