I updated to 1.1.3 using the "Soft" JailBreak with BSD System v.2.0.
Previous to upgrading I installed Installer.app and set the suid bit so that it would start properly on 1.1.3. I also installed term-vt100 but since the icon was missing upon upgrade I had to reinstall it on 1.1.3.

I have the following problems:
a) I cannot ssh into the phone. Connection refused on port 22. I tried users root and mobile with the same result.
b) I cannot get a shell in term-vt100. It asks me for a password, then for a login and a password. root and mobile do not work with "alpine"

I assume that b) might be generated by a missing suid bit. However without ssh and with independence not liking 1.1.3 I do not know of a method to set it.

Thanks for your replies!