i just ssh'ed into my iphone after jailbreaking 1.1.3, and realized i have ALOT of aplication folders, and some of them have my old aplications. that i though i un-installed?

for example i have

its not linked or anything, there all seperte folders. i think i messed something up.
in /Applications, its all the aplications i have now on 1.1.3,
in /private/var/root/Applications i have all the aplications i had before jailbreaking/updating to 1.1.3 ( i un-installed all my games and what-not), and /private/var/root/Applications/Applications are all the applications i had before un-installing all the games and what-not before updating/jaillbreaking to 1.1.3.

im just wondering if its safe to delete the two last folders?