I have tried everything on two diff sites to get this "Main Script execution error"
Fixed but no way there is defintly something wrong here I can fix this...

I can't install THE SUID Lib Fix goes half way and then the error
BSD Systems2.0 is installed but says on top right corner reinstall
Installer 3.0 is installed but says like above reinstall
I cannot install any fixes cause of the above error

This phone was OTB 1.1.1 Bl 3.9 went to oktoprep to 1.1.2 then Devteam Soft-upgrade
So you guys tell me is there any solution for this Or do I need to goback to 1.1.1 and update to 1.1.2 and leave at that...

the Phone is now at 1.1.3 with Firmware 04.03. 13_G

any help would be appreciated...

Oh I also did the Bosstool3.5 to move Apps to the new location

Thanks again