I upgraded to 1.1.3 using Nates Jailbreak. Problem is I recieve SMS messages in many languages so I installed 2 3rd party aps, the first is called SMS fix this worked on 1.1.2 and made the phone able to read txt messages written from with right to left fonts, the second was mobile enhancer (I think that was what it was called). anyway after finished I rebooted and all my sms messages were gone. I tried to send a few messages to my other phone and they would stop halfway durring the send. I sent myself sms messages from another phone and still nothing.
I uninstalled the 2 3rd party applications but the probelm is still there.
I know I shouldnt restore since then I will be in big trouble. I am thinking of using Nates ibricker to downgrade but I am not sure if downgrading and then upgrading will fix my problems.
any recommendations?