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Discuss [1.1.3](all)[carrier bundle files] webinterface for plist generation at the General -; I had posted a how to create your own carrier bundle here probably too ...
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    Default [1.1.3](all)[carrier bundle files] webinterface for plist generation

    I had posted a how to create your own carrier bundle here

    probably too long and editing plist-files to difficult for some ppl.

    To help with that I have setup a php-script on my webpage that auto-generates carrier.plist and Info.plist, the two files needed to create your own carrier bundle with Services, Edge Editing aso.

    [EDIT August 9, 2008]
    This solution is only for users with firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4. For Firmware 2.0.1 and PwnageTool 2.0.2 please use the solution here:
    You dont have to use SSH or SFTP to apply, all done by PwnageTool 2.0.2 - thanks to the Dev Team.
    The bundles created in this tutorial here wont work with FW 2.0.1 due to changes made by Apple!!!

    1. Find out the MCC/MNC of your simcard
    2. Connect via SFTP to /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/ on your iPhone
    3. Duplikate ATT_US.bundle on the iPhone
    4. Rename to your needs e.g. my_Vodafone_GR.bundle
    5. Doubleclick to open the renamed bundle
    6. Delete everythimng inside exept "version.plist"
    7. Open a webbrowser on your PC (MAC or WIN) and goto
    8. Enter the name of your bundle e.g. my_Vodafone_GR
    9. Hit "Print Info.plist to screen" or "Download Info.plist to PC"
    10. When hitting "Print Info.plist to screen" save the new page as "Info.plist" to your PC
    11. When hitting "Download Info.plist to PC" its downloaded as my_Info.plist, delete my_ in the filename
    12. Enter all the Information for creating the carrier.plist.
    13. Hit "Print carrier.plist to screen" or "Download carrier.plist to PC"
    14. Same steps as 10 & 11, resulting file is carrier.plist
    15. Copy both files via SFTP inside your new bundle and quit your SFTP programm
    16. Open a Terminal SSH connection as root to the iPhone
    17. Move to the location where to create the symlink(s) with
    cd /System/Library/Carrier\ Bundles/
    The folder "Carrier Bundles" ahs a space in between, on a Mac it has to be commented out as seen above. Give it a try under Windows.
    18. Create the symlink with (example)
    ln -s my_Vodafone_GR.bundle 26207
    replacing my_Vodafone_GR with the name of your bundle and 26207 with your sim's MCC/MNC
    19: Making all that work do the SIM card switch routine. Reboot after reloading the new SIM. Only then, the symlink is accepted and working.
    20. Install Erica sadun's "Make it Mine" to type your carriers logo the way you want and "Boss Prefs" to be able shutting down/switch on EDGE. Both are on Installer.
    If you are on a plan from one of the apple telco partners (but not an iPhone contract), duplicate their bundle and keep the copy as backup on the iPhone. On the original proceded as decribed above: delete all exept "version.plist" and "Info.plist". Just replace carrier.plist. No need to create a symlink its already there. Doing so, you will be loosing the customized carrier logo, have to use "Make it Mine" if the simcard genareted logo does not fit.
    Explanation of how and why at the mentioned link to the long tutorial on top of this post. The web interface replaces the need mentioned in step 4.3, no more hassle with plist files.

    Hope that helps, takes about 10 minutes per simcard and works for me.


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