ok i have an iphone and its an otb 1.1.2 so i had it unlocked but then i had it locked somehow so now it is locked so i tried to downgrade with itunes and i couldnt so then i upgrade to 1.1.3 and then tried again to downgrade to 1.1.2 or 1.1.1 but still could not get it then i discovered the wonderful ibrickr so then i try to downgrade to 1.0.2 the option that gives there so i downloaded the fw file and then when it started the recovery process the recovery screed was with the cable and the itunes logo but it had a green background.....i got kinda worried but decided to wait the respective 10 minutes that said there so then the time passed and about 15 minutes after i decided to close ibrickr as it said there, reboot the iphone and try again, but after i rebooted the iphone it appeared the apple logo and then.....death itself.........some code lines which seem like a memory dump start to appear, then phone reboots and then again the "memory dump" but this was just when i booted normally.....so i managed to get it in recovery mode and now it is always with the green background but i can always see the logo and the cable so then i try the white screen method with ibrickr to downgrade with itunes....so i do get the white screen in dfu mode but seconds later you can see a blue blank background and then the phone reboots to the memory dump, so i cant get it to stay in dfu mode and thats what i have managed so far help me help me help me please i beg you please please please anyone out there rescue me please i beg you p.s. delete my other thread plz the one with the incorrect title i just didnt know and i tried to delete it but i couldnt plz but help me plz i beg u