Sorry for the long post, I just wan't to make sure you have most of the facts. I have an 1.1.3 (1.1.2 OTB) iPhone. When I got it I downgraded to 1.1.1 jailbroke and activated through i.unlock.no. I used it as an iPod for a while, using some 3rd party apps -- games mostly -- with no issues. Then I unlocked with ZiPhone. I used it for some time as phone on 1.1.2, I don't recall any problems but it was a very short time. While tweaking springboard I "bricked" it and restored to 1.1.3 on dfu mode -- thanx again for the help on that occasion. Then I unlocked again with ZiPhone. I started having application crashes after this, which became somewhat less frequent after uninstaling most 3rd party apps -- I only left the BSD subsystem and OpenSSH. Then the phone started rebooting itself a couple times a day, while apps kept crashing quite frequently. From what I learned searching this forum and googling a bit I found that most suggestions focus on 3rd party SW which I've reduced to a minimum. I also read that soft resetting (home + sleep, until apple logo appears) also helped. These indications have improved the situation a little, but I keep getting applications, e.g. settings, contacts, mail, safari, crashing several times a day and the phone rebooting unexpectedly dayly.

Any comments and sugestions for fixing my problems are most welcome.