i just had a question about youtube. if any of you have already found a solution please share. i was originally on the total internet package for 20 bux but wanted to try to save some money as i dont use every feature on my phone constantly so i wanted to bump down to tzones.

i got tzones added, did the proxy hack from my installer, did the wap.voicestream.com part and seems to be working fine now as far as internet/email/weather BUT, when i try to use youtube it jus keeps saying youtube not available. i saw a "youtube fix (3 files)" in my installer but had a question about it first, does it work? is it reversable without restoring? what does it alter? incase i dont like all this crap i wanna jus go back to using the total internet package but i wanna make sure any changes i make now can be undone to go back to the total internet package.