Hi all (sorry I made a new topic since I had a title screwed up:/ ),

I have a strange problem with fw1.1.2(OTB)/4.6BL/StealthSIM.

When I connected iPhone to my workplace Powermac to charge it up, the sync logo on iPhone when on and off several times, as if the connection/cord was badly attached. After that all of my music/videos/podcasts/ringtones disappeared from iPhoneīs iPod.app. Also my iPhones name changed to untitled playlist.

In iTunes is now 6,7Gt Other stuff, no video or music. So I canīt delete my media files from iPhone since it sees them in Other-section.

I canīt sync back on my home computer since iPhone is "full of" Other-section and there isnīt enought space to sync my music.

any ideas/help how to get either iTunes to recognize my media files on iPhone again, or how to reset my iPhone back to state where I can sync my media files back to the phone?

Any help is appriciated :/