Hey you guys,

I know there are already a lot of topics about stores where you can still (probably) find a 1.1.2 OTB iphone but I wanna ask for something more specific.
A friend of mine is in NY this week and yesterday (sunday) he already went to 2 apple stores (don't know which ones but I think 5th avenue is one of them) and the salesmen told him there were no 1.1.2 iphones left. They only sell 1.1.3 ones.
AT&T stores same answers...
It's kinda hard to believe since people on this board write stories about salesmen telling them that there are still a lot of 1.1.2 ones left?
Do you guys have an adress in NY where my friend can drop by?
If not, I probably buy one on ebay...

thx in advance!