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    Default 1.1.2 Restore - Then move to 1.1.3

    I have some general questions about my already jailbroken/unlocked 1.1..2 iPhone:

    iPhone as it stands now… Unlocked/Jailbroken/Activated:

    Version 1.1.2 (3B48b)
    Modem Firmware 04.02.13_G

    1) I want to do the upgrade to 1.1.3 that is outlined on (upgrade the OS not the baseband)… Before I do such a feat though I would prefer to make sure that my phone is completely clean (ex. I manually moved my apps to the media partition and did some other hacks) – Can I restore the phone by holding down the “option” key in iTunes 7.6 and use the 1.1.2 firmware and get this back to the out of box state that I had itFollow the guide on for the 1.1.2 jailbreak and unlock.) Then ultimately move to 1.1.3 (still unlocked)

    2) If I understand correctly… you cannot use Customize or SMB Prefs… Any other Apps I should avoid.

    Sorry if these are “newb” questions… I just want tot be certain I won’t break my phone before trying this… Also no OS X guide yet huh? I must use a PC… Thanks for any help.

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    i would restore to firmware 1.1.1 since you can not jailbreak 1.1.2 with out the 1.1.1 oktoprep in first

    i would:
    - restore to 1.1.1
    - install bsd
    - install oktoprep
    - update to 1.1.2
    - touchfree jailbreak
    - install bsd again
    - create patched *.bin file
    - run 1.1.3 soft upgrade

    customize and summboard don't work afaik

    EDIT: Your unlocked baseband should retain throughout the whole process.. calls will not work when in 1.1.1 since you are on a unlocked 1.1.2 baseband but once your back in 1.1.2 calls will work again.
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