yesterday I received the 1.1.2 OOTB, which a friend bought for me in NYC. Thanks to the excellent info provided on this and additional sites it was quite easy for me to activate and jailbreak it.

BUT the touch screen seems to stop working from time to time completely. I have to reset the iphone and run iNdependence for the touch screen to work again.

Trouble is, I problably cannot go to Apple here in Germany directly, bacause it is an USA device. A large German Apple reseller assured me that he would replace my iPhone if it wasn't jailbroken.

So I have the following question now:

1. The display had the problem right from the beginning, right when I started I couldn't even "slide for emergency" (Home and power button are working though). So probably the display is broken. Anyway is there anything I could do or check?

2. Is there any guide to virginizing an iphone 1.1.2 OOTB for iphone noobs? iNdependence offers me to jail and deactivate the phone again, is that enough or what exactly do I have to do to undo jailbreaking the iphone?

Any help is much appreciated.