i am having a problem with my 1.1.2 OTB. i had it working on 1.1.3 installed via sh install.sh. and everything was going good. then i saw the geohot soft unlock and decided to go with it. so i went back to 1.1.1 an did the process again as indicated by conceit and installer.

The phone was working great for 2 weeks, until i had to reboot my phone and it went to recovery mode.

I tried already with independence and with ibrick.

I downgraded it to 1.1.1 but as son as i open independence i closes by itself, and ibrickr wouldn't recognize it. I did it several consecutive times in a desperate mesure (didnt wor either)

ultimately i restored it in 1.1.2 and i got the activation screen and can get into the settings screen. but as we all know nothing can be done from 1.1.2 ( at least that is what i think)

can anyone help me here.?

thank you guys.