I bought an iPhone back in March with 1.1.2 (I think it was 1.1.2, maybe 1.1.1). Long story short I've got a dead pixel and speaker issue and am going to bring it to the Apple Store.

So... I've unlocked this phone (2.0 firmware) and it's 04.05.04_G.. What should I do before I bring the phone in so they don't deny me support?

I was thinking to restore it to 1.1.4, insert the original AT&T sim and tell them it was my gf's phone and she's using her sim in a temporary phone until we get her iPhone fixed. Does this seem like a good plan?
I looked up the serial number through Apple's support site and they show that it's never been activated. If you had a legitimate AT&T sim you were using through another phone and popped it into the iPhone would you still have to activate? Trying to cover all the bases...

Also, generally, will they replace the phone? Will they send it off somewhere? Is it even worth the hassle over a dead pixel and problem with the left speaker?