Im sitting here with a us 1.1.2 Otb. This phone was running 1.1.2 unlocked with stealth sim. I friend of mine tried to use ziphon to unlock this, and then also used the "refurbished" option. So the BL was downgraded and the baseband was ereased. Then the phone was restored to 1.1.1, then jailbroken, this is when the problem started.

1. Cant update or restore to any other firmware, only get 1601,1602,1604 errors in itunes no matter wich way one chooses to go about the restore. Have tried everything possible, nothing works.

2. The phones shows no modem firmware in the about menu.

And the phone says "Repair neded" one the screen.

Is there anyway to fix this? or is the phone a brick?
I have search trough this forum + google, and can't find a solution

Thanks for answers