I'm an AT&T customer with a 1.1.2 OTB iphone. I've been running the phone all year, jailbroken with activation bypass (i.e. no iPhone-specific account). This means I have a "standard" media max internet plan, rather than the iPhone data plan.

I started with 1.1.2 JB, then a couple months ago moved to 1.1.3, via Ziphone. I've never had any trouble with my Edge connection.

Then the last two-three weeks, I keep losing Edge internet access.

Specifically: The Edge icon is always present, but I'm usually unable to access internet functionality. Safari will popup "safari can't open the page because it can't find the server". Weather won't load, etc..

If I Reset All Settings, it will fix the problem -- for a few minutes. Then my network access vanishes again. Sometimes I can Reset Network Settings, but it doesn't always fix the problem. Toggling Airplane Mode seems to help also.

Because of this, I upgraded to 1.1.4 last night. I first used Ziphone (had some trouble due to my own fault), then iLiberty+. My phone is jailbreak + activate + unlock. In iTunes I set the device as a new phone (i.e. not use backup). And I'm having the same Edge problem!

I have Cydia and its BSD subsystem. I removed SMB today, so the only apps on my phone now (outside of unix stuff) are Cydia and Installer. Still have the internet connectivity problem. Wifi always works for me though. And as I said above, resetting settings can temporarily fix my Edge internet access.

This is truly frustrating, and I can't find any description of this same problem anywhere. I hope someone can shed some light on my issue. Thanks!