i just updated my iphone to 1.1.1, phone works, activating did work. i was able to install SSH via iNdependence, however after installing it, it went back to jail. status is now:
"Connected to iPhone - Firmware 1.1.1 - activated - AFC connection - jailed"

well, i tested SSH via terminal, but i get the error.
"ssh: connection to host xx.xx.xx.xx port 22: Connection Refused"

what can i do, i need to instsall SSH, and i cant unless i'm jailbroke, but the jailbreak button says "error cound perform jailbreak. you need to downgrad to version 1.0.2 then perform the special upgrade to 1.1.1"

updated with the "Pre 1.1.1 Upgrade" according to the iNdependence Help.

do i need to deativate and activate it again since "Note that this [jailbreak] will be done automatically if you activate with 1.1.1"