Have purchased unlocked iphone from Hong Kong....
phone works well for making calls and sending text, however i am unable to access WiFi
or access internet
When trying to access internet I get "Could not activate EDGE: you are not subscribed to EDGE"
Wi Fi Network "Not Connected" but when I go into settings it is "On" and when I type in a specific network that I want to join it does not connect.

I have a version 1.0.2 (1C28)
Modem 3.14.08_G
The Installer is V1.7 Nullriver Software

If my phone needs to be re-virginised should this be done with my Optus (Australia) sim card or AT&T sim card inserted. I also use a PowerBook G4

Hoping someone can help...p.s. Iam Blonde and may be a slight technical dessert