With an Unlocked 1.0.0 I did the following because I was trying to eventually upgrade to 1.1.1.

I went into restore mode and used a downloaded firmware file to upgrade to 1.0.2. Then I tried using AppTapp to jailbreak and it went through all the steps and finished without errors, HOWEVER, my phone is still locked. Moreover my "IMEI No" is now starting with 004999 which I think means I'm Fcucked. Anyways, I've tried to go back and restore the phone again just in case something didn't work the first time but it told me that there was an unknown error (6) and couldn't restore.

I tried ibrikr and it is acting as if the phone is unlocked then after many turn on and offs of both the phone and the PC (XP 32) ibrikr gave me the option of freeing my phone which ended up freezing it during te process and after turning it on again it was once more acting as though the phone ios jailbroken giving me the options to add apps and so on.

Please, please, please to all the pros out there. Shed some light on the situation and at least tell me if I'm royally fcucked or just a little bit.

My current objective is to try and virginize it. I'm going to try and combine some of the methods from 1.1.1 unlocking to get wifi and the rest going so that maybe I can virginize and then upgrade to 1.1.1.

Long post. Sorry!

Thanks in advance guys