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Discuss [WinterBoard] - Widgets - LockScreen SmashUp - DigiClock, Weather, Calendar, Notices at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; Hey guys, how ya'll doing? (been so long since I posted I hope my formatting ...
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    Smile [WinterBoard] - Widgets - LockScreen SmashUp - DigiClock, Weather, Calendar, Notices

    Hey guys, how ya'll doing?

    (been so long since I posted I hope my formatting is right )

    I have modded some widgets that are out there and made a smashup that you can download and install. By sharing this I hope that others will improve upon it, like I modded the original authors work to do this.

    The original thread is here, and I did not create anything here, I simply edited some stuff (the .html and .js files and the background for the LockBackground) and got them to work together, posted it on Flikr and My Blog and people wanted it.. The idea was/is to recreate the usefulness of intelliscreen, kate other lockscreen display apps.

    The themes/widgets used are:

    Calendar Weather Clock
    Rounded Sliders (optional)

    and they should be in that order in WinterBoard Too.. Obviously you'll need Winterboard for this and Status Notifier. (make sure you have the correct Status Notifier, now it is available via Cydia but there are a couple with the same kinda name) - I am not providing either of those here..

    Here is the link for download:


    (remove the spaces between mega and upload)

    Install via SSH in /var/root/stash/themes/

    NOTE: Digi clock

    to make the LCD/Digital clock work, you need to install a blank font for the lockscreen, download this file here and put it in /System/Library/Fonts/Cache/

    *** don't forget to backup the old LockClock.ttf ***

    How to Configure the Widget

    To configure the weather widget to display your local (or other) weather you’ll need to configure one Java Script file. Download the configureme.js file from the /private/var/stash/themes/homescreen- 1weekweather.theme/ on your iPhone (or edit it form the .zip your downloaded).

    Open the configureme.js file with a text editor. Find where it says var locale = “CAC|TT|TD005|PORT-OF-SPAIN, you need to change it to your local info by looking for it here:

    Using the drop-down list chose your region, country and then city then look at the url bar (copy and paste the URL into a text editor) and it shoulod look like the following:

    www e=CAC|TT|TD005|PORT-OF-SPAIN

    (for example, your will be different for your country/region)

    In my example for Trinidad and Tobago i neded “CAC|TT|TD005|PORT-OF-SPAIN

    Replace CAC|TT|TD005|PORT-OF-SPAIN, with your info from the link.

    Once you have configured the configureme.js file, upload and replace it in /private/var/stash/themes/homescreen- 1weekweather.theme/ on your iPhone/Touch, overwrite the older version and then reboot/respring your iPhone. You should now see your local weather.

    I am hoping others can help us to iron the bugs out. One issue is that the digiclock are graphics dont dissappear when the phone rings, so you cant read the name. Let me know your comments and/or questions and please contribute...

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