I've seen this idea tossed around a little here and there, but haven't seen anyone discuss it in depth. There is a nice little utility I'm sure most people are aware of called Callwave which provides free visual voicemail. I tested this earlier to get a feel for how it works and it seems to me that a developer could simulate visual voicemail on unlocked phones without having to do much more than a gui and a parser. I was attempting to find the unofficial SDK on modmyifone yesterday, but there site was offline and I haven't gotten back to see if their server issues are fixed yet.

Anyhow, what I'm thinking is we could have an app that would allow the user to input their login credentials for callwave, the app would then periodically parse callwave's site and grab any new messages to be displayed to the user just like real visual voicemail would do. I believe callwave handles the whole issue of converting voice-to-text as well so that would alleviate the issues of doing this natively on the iphone. No sense reinventing the wheel if it is already done. However, if I'm misunderstanding and they in fact do not do that, it would at least get you the stream on the application layer to handle it natively in that respect. I have a little cpp experience, but have little knowledge past "hello world", I am a fast learner and would very much like to chat with any interested developers who may only be interested in pointing a newbie in the right direction to get this working.