Hi all, I was using firmware 1.1.1 now. I installed 4 pages of apps...last month I saw an update on Installer, after update, I wasnt able to open Installer anymore, everytime I opened it, it jumped right back to the springboard.

I left it in this state like 3 weeks...until I saw the following post, and decided to follow.


I dragged a copy of the apps under /applications, and remove them one by one. Then I copy the install.app via iphonebrowser and then all the apps go back in.

Then my phone kinda crashed and all buttons didn't respond when I pressed them! I can't use the phone function, can't open Safari, or even access SSH cos I cannot open Wifi via the "settings" button.

What are my options?? Can I use restore 1.1.1 and re-unlock, using the default restore on iTunes?

Please help!