I installed the TTR fix from BigBoss last night and it didn't work. The problem is that now all my files in private/var/mobile/ are automatically recreated in the /private/var/root/. I know that he created the patch to make a symbolic link between the two so that the TTR game would be able to download the provided songs in the game.

Regardless if I add a file in the mobile or root (vice versa), each directory will replicate the same file. If I delete one file in one directory, it will delete itself in the other directory.

The only difference I see between the two directories right now is that in the Mobile directory, there is a little folder with a shortcut symbol to the Root directory. See Below:

I've tried everything to undo/delete the symlink but to no avail. I tried going to the BigBoss page and try to contact someone there but their forum doesn't seem too lively.

I've also SSH'd into the phone to try to remove the symlink by using the "rm" command but it won't allow me since that is considered a directory. I'm a little weary of using "rm -rf" and not knowing what the implications are.

I would suggest that users think twice about using BigBoss's TTR Fix. Thanks in advance everyone!