Touch Dial Plus is available for jailbreak iPhone

Features :
One touch phone dial icon
Select your picture from Photo Library as icon
Input Icon Name

- Setup info can only be entered when you first launch the app.
- After the setup, you have to reboot the iPhone for the icon to be displayed on homescreen
- If you need to change the settings afterwards, you need to reinstall this app
or delete /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/javacom.touchdialplus.plist

Installation Instructions
Cydia Source :
Sections : Utilities
Name : Touch Dial Plus 1.1.01

How to use this app
(1) Install the app in Cydia
(2) Launch TouchDial+
(3) Input Telephone Number & Name (emoji characters allowed)
(4) Press Image button to select icon image from your Photo Library
(5) Scale and Move and Set the image when done
(6) Press OK to finish the app
(7) Reboot/Respring iPhone so that your own icon picture and name can be shown on iPhone homescreen