I am having some issues with terminal & NES. First the terminal. It started when I tried to get sound to work on NES. It still won't work, but I followed these directions (steps 14 - 16) to get the sound to work.
As shown the following screenshot, this is the error I get - (It's not a big deal, but maybe it helps explain why I can't get NES sound to work):

/var/root/.profile:1: command not found: \M-o\M-;\M-?

How do I NOT get this error? Must I install something? Should I just get rid of /car/root/.profile that I was told to put there?

Now the NES issue. I try the nosound command, and do everything in the correct order, and I cannot get my NES sound to work. It won't work through headphones or the speaker.

Any ideas for these two issues? TIA.