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Discuss [SummerBoard] Themes copy&paste ? at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; Hello, I have downloaded lots of themes from modmyifone and all of them must be ...
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    I have downloaded lots of themes from modmyifone and all of them must be unzipped and icons renamed, are there any themes that I can download and transfer via WinSCP on iTouch as it is, I mean the theme is ok and the icons are already renamed as it should be, like Weather, Stocks etc. Also can you post some sources that have themes ? And another thing, on my Springboard there is only SMBPrefs and Customize icons, is that all that i need ? I dont have Summerboard icon and I have it installed on my iTouch. I know that this is iPhone group but i have iPhone also and it is pretty the same thing.


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    When you say transferring themes, do you mean to replace the original one? Or just themes to use with summerboard?

    Personally I use iPhonebrowser, because you don't have to have SSH installed on your iPhone, or even any wireless internet. But if you want to install the themes to summerboard, locate the summerboard application data and you should see all the themes listed in folders. Just drag and drop the new themes(once unzipped of course) into the app folder and they should pop up in Summerboard.

    As for the SMBPrefs and Customize, SMBPrefs is Summerboard, it's just the GUI of the preferences(SummerboardPrefs). Technically you don't need anything. The installer icon should be on there too. Check the icon arrangement in customize to see if the installer icon is being hidden. Once you have access to the installer, then you can download and install themes onto your iPod without having to even be at a computer.

    Hope it helps

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    I mean the themes that I transfer trough WLAN from my laptop. I dont know about this that they popup in Summerboard. Because all of the icons are named "icon" and then I think that new theme will not have those icons ? Or am I wrong maybe ? How can I put more themes which I can change in SMSPrefs under Themes, there is like 30 of them but I want more, can I do that somehow trough Installer ? I want to download themes from some source ant that they are immediately there in SMSPrefs, how do I do that ? I unzipe it and I have folders: Application, System, Wallpaper, Dialpad, Mail, Screen. What should I transfer to make them work on SMSPrefs and that it changes all icons, dock icons etc. ?


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    Thread renamed and moved to "Native Software".

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    I have tried today to change Safari Icon and I didnt make it. I log in and change the name of the icon in Safari.png and when I hit Copy and Overwrite it just freezes and close the connection ?? I have noticed that some of those icons are bigger in pixels, what is the right size ?




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