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Discuss [Summerboard] theme won't run until i run any app on 1.1.4 at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; It's so wierd. At this point, I am pretty good at unlocking w. different programs ...
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    It's so wierd. At this point, I am pretty good at unlocking w. different programs and manually. I used ziphone's Do it all option (previous to iplus which i Didn't like it) and my phone ran fine. So i install some of the old shit i had on 1.1.1, BTW ill list what didn't work and the alternative.

    Services : i guess it was playing around with me because i would set Edge and Wifi both to off, close down the services app, and once restarted they were back on again lol. So instead of using services, i used "bossprefs"<--does the same exact thing, and works on 1.1.4

    Customize: O boy , did this program not like me lol. I tried to install and gave me "only for 1.1.1" i think, or gave me a hint that my firmware version was not supported. Then tried to ssh into phone, changing the firmware version in one of the files from 1.1.4 to 1.1.1 and the program ran, but did not do anything, just restarted to springboard (w permissons and everything).

    Get a program called Poof! all i needed it for was hiding some icons i did not want visible and this did the trick.

    OK going back to my app/Summerboard question. I installed summerboard new obviously with the bigboss "skull" shit is hot. After installing it, as well as bigboss skull theme, i restarted and nothing was visible UNTIL i clicked on one of the apps on my board. Is this wierd or normal? Like when i restart the phone, every time, my skull background does not come up. I can have the phone on for like an hour, so i know its not a lag. I click one of the apps (does not matter which one) and bam there it is. I also have the fix installed by bigboss, so i know i don't need that. Any clues on this?
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