Why did Ste tell spicychicken that he needed to find server space? Did miss an ste post somewhere saying that he is going to stop hosting? What does this mean?

What does this mean for native software development?

And is it just me, or did the free shareware iphone app releases just fall off the face of the earth.

Is everyone perfecting their SDK release software for June?

Are any native devs going to still do the whole free ware with donations thing?

from: http://code.google.com/p/customize/
"16 Mar 2008

Progress on Customize 2.0 has been great! I have rewritten most of the core software to make Customize a MUCH more reliable program. I also am working on a companion website that's going to make Customizing your iPhone a dream come true!

BUT, I just had a sobering conversation with Ste (who rocks it out, by the way). He has advised me that I need some serious hosting. As I am only a college student, I can't quite work it into my budget. If you or someone you know wants to sponsor some serious hosting services, please email me at thespicychicken@gmail.com. "


If Ste is reading this, I would love to see a blog post about how he feels the future of apps is going to change come June.