Hi guys

my iphone is doing funny things , first I tried to uninstall some stuff yesterday like ANTS ... I and I get error in runinng the uninstall exec script ----

Now today I ssh in my phone with fugu , so far so good . Wanted to install the german Keyboard ... created the folder in bin ... everything fine so far , when i try to ssh into my iphone via tertminal , i get in no problem as soon i try to go via cd / to the folder i need to go to run the german install it disconnects ,

I tried the same with the mobileTerminal on the iphone , same thing , it just closes the terminal program as soon i type cd/ any idea ? I had a similar problem yesterday when I was running UIctl .. it just crashed all the time

Any suggestions would be appreciated ... as I really want to get the german keyboard going ... just annoying to write all the time ae oe ue instead of when writing sms to friends