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At the risk of saying something obvious you have already taken care of... are you running the script in terminal as mobile? Programs launched from SpringBoard usually run as mobile.
Actually does not matter, because his script is only interacting with files inside mobile's home. So it should work.

I build an app just like you guys using the tips here. Worked as it should: open splash, run the script, exit. The script was a

mkdir /User/meh
echo "haha" > /User/meh/meh.txt

Worked just fine. I really dont know why you're getting this freeze app or partial execution.

Anyway, to exit the app try one of these:

exit && exit
killall sh
killall SpringBoard

or ultimately try: killall YouShAppName.app (this one CAN'T fail!)

Oh, before running I did a:

chmod 755 /Applications/Myapp.app
chmod 755 /Applications/Myapp.app/script.sh

Hope this helps, cheers