Anyone else with these problems?

1) forwarding sms to e-mail - there's a limit to the number of characters allowed; message will be automatically shortened

2) forwarding sms - i tried forwarding an sms with 168 chars; some of the middle part of the sms disappeared but beginning and end came out ok; seems like sms with 158 chars can be forwarded correctly. But surprisingly i tried sending sms with 198 chars, and as expected it got shortened BUT not to 158 chars but more.

The 2nd problem is weird because i tried using wetool and isms. These two can forward a long (>1 page) sms with no characters missing but the recipient will receive multiple sms. Using smsd recipient will receive only 1 sms but some of the contents will be missing.

I'm using jailbroken 1.1.2, 1.1.2 OTB 4.6 BL, unlock with ziphonegui 2.0. SMSd is 0.2.1