Nothing groundbreaking, but an example is when you go on to a website with videos such as, you can play the video in landscape or portrait mode.

I do believe however, that landscape is definitely better for video than portrait, what I am requesting. It is logical that youtube and the "mobilemediaplayer" (ipod) play videos in landscape.

Despite the winning qualities of landscape video: the reason for my suggestion...

A lot of people have iPod speaker sets, people who have them on their desk, such as the iHome, or Bose SoundDock, they might want to watch a mini video at their desk instead of having a neck ache from watching it sideways (after all, some people watch video on that tiny Nano anyways).

I know that my basic understanding and coding of HTML will not help in this design, so if anyone has a better understanding of this and the toolkit, I would love to see it happen.