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Discuss [REQ] Making calls to /var/root/Media 1.1.3 compatible at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; I've done a lot of Googling today but haven't found an answer to this. I've ...
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    Default [REQ] Making calls to /var/root/Media 1.1.3 compatible

    I've done a lot of Googling today but haven't found an answer to this. I've also been looking at the GoogleCode repositories and it seems that none of those projects have a solution either!

    Does anyone know how to develop for both 1.1.1 and 1.1.3, regarding the location of media files.

    Currently I have a hardcoded lookup to "/var/root/Media/MisterAardvark/iAno/".

    From what I read, this won't work with 1.1.3, because instead of /var/root/Media, it uses /var/mobile/Media.

    So I imagine that what is needed is:-
    1) Installer XML code to detect version and copy the media files to the correct place.
    2) ObjC code to detect version, and use the correct root for looking for the files.

    I think I can do (1), but I'm not sure how to check the version in (2). And also I'm not sure if there are any other issues with 1.1.3 that I need to code for. And, frankly, because of all these problems, I don't want to break all the apps on my ipod by upgrading just to find out!

    Can anyone help?!

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    You could try system command "pwd" to know where installer has installed your program, and grep 'root' or 'mobile' ....



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