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Discuss [REQ] help with editing at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; hi, this is my firs req and i hope some one would help me instead ...
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    Default [REQ] help with editing

    hi, this is my firs req and i hope some one would help me instead of ignoring me.
    what would i like to do is to edit
    I want to add reflection dock and ability to dim screen after minute (this dime screen option was available in extended settings app)
    now, i know how to add reflection manually by typing...blah some line (have it saved somewhere its ok) bit i have no clue what to change for screen dim (maybe dim is not right word... what it do is after a minute it doesn't lock your phone it just make your screen darker)

    some one might wonder why i wont simple install extended prefs and do my thing but answer is when i had it installed my phone was really unstable and every time i touch in battery or signal - clock are it would froze

    so anyone with a little time and knowledge is welcome to help

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    You need to set the variable SBAutoDimTime to 60. So if you do it with plutil (do you?)
    plutil -i SBAutoDimTime -v 60
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    Installing Cydia programs on a phone that has no internet connection: read this.

    Editing binary .plist, .strings, .nib and .xib files:
    * on your computer: Windows tool / conversion website.
    * on your iPhone: convert those files in a terminal with plutil (installed with Erica Utilities) or edit them with iFile (Cydia links).



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