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Discuss [REQ] Healthy Foods and water calculator, Counter or Ticker, and reminder at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; A program to keep track of how many of each healthy food group you have ...
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    Default [REQ] Healthy Foods and water consumption calculator, Counter or Ticker, and reminder

    A program to keep track of how many of each healthy food group you have eaten for the day and how much water you have drank for the day.

    The program should calculate how much water you need to drink for the day.

    This is weight/2= How many ounces you need to drink if you are average. Take this number then divide by 33.81 to convert it into the amount in liters. This will tell you how many bottles of water you need to drink a day. An average bottle is .5L.

    Ex. I weight 170lbs./2=85ounces
    85/33.81= 2.51 liters
    2.51/.5= 5 bottles of water.

    Of course this is for the average person. If you do a lot of exercise in a day you should add 20 to 30 ounces.

    You should be able to set the times you usually would wake up or go to sleep. You should be able to set the days differently, I wake up on tuesdays and thursdays differently than mondays and Wednesdays because of my school schedule.

    So, it should take the number of bottles of water and divide it from 16 or 15 hours. Since you need 8 to sleep of course.

    ie. 16/5= 3.2hours. So it reminds me every 3.2 hours starting from wakeup, that I should drink a bottle of water. Make an alarm that goes off and or talk to the guy that makes taskbar notifier .9 and ask him to add a waterbottle and or banana on the status bar. The alarm should be able to be ran in silent mode, or vibration, or as a ringtone, with a snooze feature because in certain classes or business meetings, I can't just get up and go eat some fruit or get a drink of water if I forgot to bring one. Also, you should be able to set the schedule for when you think you will be getting a drink of water, if you follow the same routine. (setup by day, not one for all days). This option should supersedes the automatic 3.2 hours for me if I set the schedule for that time frame. But if I didn't schedule 1 or 2 water breaks out of the 5 then the automatic time is still in effect, only for those 1 or 2 and in stead of ringing every 3.2 hours for those 1 or 2, it should take the last time you drank and the next time you will drink water and find appropriate times in between the two for you to drink water that will be most beneficial.

    Ticking the water bottle icon in the program should end the alarm until the next (3.2 hours) or till the next scheduled water break if it resides in almost the same time frame. 3 hours give or take an hour. Also, it should add one to "total water you've drank"/"total water." Additionally, it should record the time you ticked the icon. This will come in handy as the program evolves.

    Fruits and vegetables: I don't know the formula. But, I found out how much I needed to eat based off of this site.

    Takes your age, sex, and the amount of physical activity you take part in each day.
    mines came out to 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of vegetables on most days and 2.5 cups of fruit and 4 cups of vegetables on others. You should be able to just tick the icons and it should add to the total number you have eaten over the total number you need. It should remind you of when you should eat lunch or dinner at adequate times and how many servings or cups of fruits and vegetables or whole grains, and so on and so, you need to eat during that sitting.

    Yea, this was probably a waste of time, but hopefully someone that programs cocoa or java would really enjoy this program as well and would try to make it.
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