Hi everyone,

I am not a n00b, having bought a 1.0.2 phone that I have jailbroken, unlocked, and upgraded several times. I have used many different methods (iBrickr first time, jailbreakme.com second time, ziPhone third time), and my original unlock was the IPSF method. Due to a corrupted iTunes db, I was forced to restore recently, (ironically, iTunes is my biggest headache on the phone) and briefly went up to 1.1.4 but found that many of the apps that I consider essential weren't (yet) available for 1.1.4, so I went back to good ol' 1.1.2 (my favorite). My problem is that Erica Sadun's apps are only available in 1.1.3 format through Installer, but I want the 1.1.2 versions. I have downloaded the apps/versions I want, and want to install them on my phone, but my usual method for manual installation of apps (iBrickr) says that my phone needs to be jailbroken when it already is. Should I just go ahead and "Free my iPhone" through iBrickr so that I can manually install the apps, or should I ssh into the phone and place files? My concern here is that I don't think that it is as simple as copying files to /Library. Is there any harm in using iBrickr? As I recall, iBrickr downgrades some things, and I don't really want to do this-- even Nate True deprecates iBrickr in light of things that have come along since (e.g., ziPhone).

What we really need is a category in Installer of Deprecated Apps!

Thanks to all for any guidance.