iSpotter provides WiFi-based offline location detection and logging for iPhone/iPod touch.



Very well developed and necessary program! + lots of settings
developer is from Japan & he advises to take ready base default.wldb from http: //
at once there is a question how to make such base for other cities..


jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch (Until late Feb 2008...?)
Locky database provided by (Currently only Japan is supported)
Install iSpotter

Just copy directory to /Applications on your iPhone/iPod touch.

Install WiFi AP location databse

1. Get default.wldb from

You need to become a member. Please note that you cannot redistribute default.wldb data.
2. Make directory /var/mobile/iSpotter on iPhone/iPod touch
-- on iPod/iPhone --
# mkdir /var/mobile/iSpotter
3. Copy default.wldb to iPhone/iPod touch

% scp default.wldb root@your.ipod-or-iphone.address:/var/mobile/iSpotter/
4. Convert dfault.wldb to locky.db on iPhone/iPod touch

-- on iPod/iPhone --
# cd /var/mobile/iSpotter/
# /Applications/ default.wldb
This may take 10-15 minutes. 'locky.db' file is created.
5. Change file owner (required on firmware 1.1.3 or later)

-- on iPod/iPhone --
# chown mobile:mobile locky.db

change sign $ with s