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Discuss [Release] ConverterPro - Convert Audio - Video - Img files on you iPod Touch / iPhone at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; ConverterPro Version 0.72b What is it? It is an application built using ffmpeg, lame and ...
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    Cool [Release] ConverterPro - Convert Audio - Video - Img files on you iPod Touch / iPhone


    Version 0.72b

    What is it?
    It is an application built using ffmpeg, lame and bladeenc encoders to convert audio files on your iPhone / iPod Touch.

    What type of file types work right now?
    Right now the software is in beta state so at the moment the only formats compatible to convert is, WMA to MP3, FLV to MP4, WMV to MP4, AVI to MP4, AMR to MP3. andd... Youtube to MP4.

    How to work it:
    ConverterPro is built to make the end users life a whole lot easier with trimming down the amount of commands needed to convert a file.

    To Convert a file using ConverterPro you type:
    cov [fileformat to convert to] [file output name]
    cov avi TheSimpsons-Episode10

    With the command above it will search for any avi file in the current directory to mp4. The output file will be named TheSimpsons-Episode10.mp4

    Another Example:
    cov amr recording1
    The output file will be copied to be played with iphpPod and will be named recording1.mp3

    Current File format commands you can use:
    avi (DIVX/XVID)


    --Image-- << Comming soon

    Youtube Support:
    Looking around on youtube ? Wanting to view that video offline ? On the go ? well try this out
    1. Grab your youtube url
    example :

    2. All you need to know from this url is the vide id which in this case is:

    3. Launch Term-vt100

    4. Start the conversion
    cov utube [video id] [file output name]

    An example with the above url would be
    cov utube UHk7yM4Cq4w jailbreak113

    The output file would be jailbreak113.mp4 and it will be coppied to ~/Media/Downloads to be played with iphpPod.

    Special Feature:

    When your files has been converted to either a mp3 or mp4 file, ConverterPro will copy the file to ~/Media/Downloads for the user to play with iphpPod!! I decided to do this to make everyones life awhole lot easier so users all you got to do is type in a simple command to convert any file to mp4 or mp3 and the converter will convert it and copy it to the ~/Media/Downloads folder to be played with iphpPod!

    Side note if you don't have ffmpeg installed don't worry at all! i've included into the program a little code for it to detect ffmpeg, if it doesn't find it it will download it, install it and set permissions.

    Updates soon?:
    Hell yes ! This is such a early program it's kinda funny, expect updates in the installer almost everyday, i'll be adding tons or more formats for you to convert with keeping that minimal amount of work there.

    Release Version: 0.71 beta, i've released 0.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 to my beta testers and they seem that it should be released for public's decisions now.

    For next release:
    • Conversion of image support
    • Alot more video format support
    • Alot more audio format support
    • Soon to be a GUI interface for those who don't want to use the terminal. (Limits)
    • Clean up Youtube to MP4 Conversion
    • Add into the installation :iphpPod (have to ask owner first)
    • Add music / videos to your music library
    • Check for space before installing
    • Clean up reported bugs
    • Support for extra encoders for faster conversion (Lame, Bladeenc) more to come
    • Big one! Might be a few releases from now before we see this one but... built in support for safari: What that means is go to a site with a flash video, click on it, it wil convert it in the background and let you watch the video while it's convertion (Best work around for flash!) aka Watch the video while it converts in the background
    • Also for safari click a link thats avi it'll download it with wget download manager to a folder and convert it to mp4 and remove the source avi file.
    • Support for safari browser onfly wma, ogg conversion and listen
    • More to update to list

    I'm so damn new to programming it's not funny, just stated 4 days ago with out any reading up onthings. I'll be migrating this app to objective c later. Please give this a while to pick up, the safari support is the last thing on my mind. I want to get all the formats to be converted first with no bugs before i go onto embeding it into safari.

    Where can i get this app?

    You can get it from the installer, add this repo and enjoy:

    Those who want iphpPod get it here:

    I'll post a video url up soon for a tutorial on how to convert videos.

    Sample conversion video:

    0.72b Released
    - Fixes audio errors in video conversion files
    - Faster video conversion enhances video files
    - Quality bump
    - Cleaned up section of code.

    Credits for ffmpeg and itubby goes out to the folks at CoreOS. If any of you users are using iphpPod and have the current ffmpeg file installed download the one that is soon to be under the catagory Jon's PKG Repo. The convert app is also there.

    Please do report bugs you find here and i will try my best i am new at this so give it some time to develop. 1.1.4 didn't bring flash we could expect it when the sdk is released but if not this should be good for flash videos online.

    Been working on this for 6 days now.


    Take Care,

    note: i'll update this thread regularly when ever there is a release.
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    Wow this seems really promising. I like what I see. Thanks for the comprehensive introduction/tutorial.

    I really would like a mobileVLC. That would eliminate the need to convert any movie file and transfer via iTunes.



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