There have been a few posts claiming varying levels of success with getting PHP and/or Rails running on the iPhone. There are a number of us who would like to set this up so we can then begin developing local apps (possibly via the WidgetRunner app). However, there's no single place where this info has been collected, least not that I can find. I'm hoping that anyone who has had success can post here and we can then use it to create a HOWTO.

End Goals:

1) Apache/Lighty + PHP + SQLite. Clear listing of what PHP modules/functions are available and working, and which are not, with workarounds as needed. (eg: mail? FTP? )

2) Apache/Lighty + Rails + SQLite. Clear listing of what works and what doesn't and workarounds as needed. Availability of Gems and/or other extensions.

3) Description of how to integrate above with WidgetRunner, and how to effectively create Widgets using Dashcode and "by hand" to create effective tools running locally

4) Creation of PHP and Ruby libraries to ease the development of local pages and widgets.

5) Exploration of what iPhone functionality is exposed to PHP and Ruby apps with examples on usage (eg: picture library? Address book? mail?)

6) Exploration of strengths and weaknesses of apps based on interpreted vs. compiled languages

Anyone care to help me take this on? I think this could dramatically lower the entry point for application development, at least for some types of tools.