Just started to look at the progress of the community and i am impressed. A lot of good ideas out there. Always surprises me how large the enthusiasm is when something is "illegal" or not available.

Im used to developing for the windows platform (c++/c#) but love the iphone and want to make som concept apps for it. Great place to start working with obj. c and dev for macos (perhaps not, but the motivation is there!). Because of this i have som simple questions i was woundering if you seniors could answere me?

How do you compile code for the iphone? Obviously mac os x has a compiler for the intel/power pc architecture, but where can you find one for the arm? And even if you can compile code where do the libs from? Im guessing the binaries are already on the phone, but what about headers and libs? Essentially the iphone sdk? For instance, how do you access functions on the platform such as:
- io (is stdio available?)
- UI (how do you access the screen? Are there libs for user controls from apple, etc. Can you just pull one of them fancy apple buttons out of a apple library treasure chest?)
- Input devices. Is it possible to harnes the power of the multi touch screen?
- The sensors. Lots of cool stuff here. Think about the accelerometer?
- Network devices. Do you just compile some standard macos components for the intel mac os x /unix onto the iphone to access the network layer?

Im guessing that the best way to figure out these questions is to investigate some of the open source code for the current apps out there, but nevertheless it would be nice to get some thought from someone who know what they are talking about