Hi, recently i have been doing my part of research to port a java program to the itouch.

Here it is: http://www.gassavers.org/showthread.php?t=4250

The idea might seem complex, but it is quite simple. A circuit picks-up the signal from the vss(vehicle speed sensor) and the duty-cycle of the injectors. Then by plugin those two signals into the left/right channel of the line-in on the laptop, the java program can divide the two signals and give out a relative mpg reading(wich can be calibrated after)

Currently there is a way to run basic java programs of the iphone(www.saurik.com), but i tried and cant seem to get it work (please note i am a noob when it comes to programming).

I also heared that Sun microsystems will port a JVM to iphone, but i dont know when.

I have the know-how to complete all the hardware work, but i will need help to either port the java program, or create a whole new program.

So my big question: is someone willing to help me with the programming to make this project real??